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Need to Create a Website for a Small Business?

Are you confused about how to create an effective & affordable website for your small business?

Have you been searching for a small business website designer who understands that their job is not just to create a site, but to help your business succeed?

Would you like to build your own website… one that actually contributes to the bottom line?

Are you tired of listening to website designers and web hosting providers babble on about HTML, JavaScript, PERL, CGI and other techno mumbo jumbo?

Hey, you just want to make a business website that delivers traffic, revenue and PROFITS, right?

Create Small Business WebsiteWhether your business is located in Scarborough or Richmond Hill, Brampton or Akron, Denver or Dubbo…you need to create a website that gets results!

My name is Steve Pronger and for over 15 years I’ve been helping small business owners and Internet entrepreneurs worldwide achieve online success. People just like you!

How to Build a Website for Small Business

And here’s the thing… you don’t actually need a website designer. That’s right, you CAN do this yourself! With the tools and resources on Web Business Solutions I will show you how to build a small business website that will add value to your business. Not just a web presence, but a complete online marketing solution. You will learn how to:

  • research the market you are about to enter
  • find keywords that thousands of people worldwide use to find your products or services
  • create an online business website that ranks highly in the search engines and delivers thousands of targeted visitors to your site
  • find the best small business website design software that ANYONE can use
  • use affiliate marketing to build your own profitable web business, even if you don’t have your own products or services to sell
  • promote your site online and offline

Start Your Own Online Business

Thinking of starting your own online business but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have your own products or services to sell. Or perhaps not. Did you know a website can make money without ever selling a thing?

Either way, I can show you how thousands of people around the world build profitable online businesses. It’s not easy. It’s not GRQ (Get Rich Quick). It doesn’t involve schemes, scams, “recruiting” or “downlines”. But it does involve passion (yours) and a willingness to learn, work hard and succeed.

How to Make a Small Business Website That Works

While there are many great website designers and web design companies out there…and some not so great…almost all of them are focused on building you a great looking, perfectly functioning, standards compliant website…NOT helping you build an online business!


They forget about search engine visibility, traffic and converting visitors to customers. They help you create shopping carts and payment solutions but not how to get lots of targeted visitors to your site and get them to buy! Their job is to build you a website, not build your business.

Create a Website that Gets Results

Perhaps you’ve decided to create a website using an online website builder or web design software. Or maybe you’ve chosen a popular Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress. These DIY web hosting site builders require no programming skills and are quick and easy to use…but which is the RIGHT solution for you? Maybe you’ve heard about a site building and hosting solution called SBI! (Site Build It) and read a lot of conflicting reports. Does it still work…or is WordPress a better solution? Read my review and learn the truth.

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