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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Directory Submitter

Building links to your site from a variety of sources has always been an important strategy for effective search engine optimization. And one of the best ways to get relevant, one-way, inbound links is by submitting your site to online directories.

Some directories charge you to submit your site for a review. In the case of Yahoo's directory the cost is significant and on-going, but it does result in a high-value and trusted link. Many other second-tier directories charge between $20 to $100 for a review. Worthwhile doing depending of course on your budget.

But there are also thousands of online directories that you can submit to for free. However the biggest problem with this is the drudgery of finding those directories, submitting to them and keeping track of who you submitted to and what titles/descriptions you used.

NOTE: When submitting to directories it's important to not use the same title (linked text) for every listing. Try whenever possible to vary your targeted keywords in the title and use related terms.

Search engine expert and software developer Brad Callen has now made all that a thing of the past. I've been testing Brad's Directory Submitter over the last few days and I can tell you it works a charm. It's not as simple as "click one button" and submit to hundreds of directories at once (beware of programs which claim to do that) but it does streamline the whole process and importantly allows you to track which directories you have submitted to.

To use Directory Submitter you just create a project for each site you want to submit, create any number of title/description/keyword variations and then work your way through the hundreds of directories stored in the database. The software will automatically fill in the form fields for each directory's submission page, and with a simple button click rotate through your titles and descriptions.

The best news is it's free. The standard (free) version has several hundred directories but the "gold" version includes something like 1,800 (and growing) directories. Well worth the small cost to upgrade. Both versions have the same functionality.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Directory Submitter now!

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Anonymous Tom said...


I have downloaded it and it is a nice looking submitter but it does lack features... but im sure Brad will add them and make the submitter better..

There are many Directory Submitters on the market now.. and as being one of the first people to release a Directory Submitter back in late 2005 I have to say they do work and save users time..

One thing.. I wish Brad did not call his product the same as ours as it is the first original Directory Submitter which can be found by going to and it is load with many more features and loads more directories.


10:53 PM  

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