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Friday, August 17, 2007

Site Build It Review - SBI & XSitePro Case Study

I was recently contacted by a personal trainer working out of South Florida. Doug had built a site using XSitePro to sell his "Fitness Now & Forever" course but needed some help with some formatting issues. Main problem was Doug had used MS Word to create his page, which was then converted to HTML and imported into XSitePro. Big mistake. Word makes terrible HTML and adds a lot of proprietary code. NEVER use Word to create HTML. It's just not the right tool for the job. The problem was pretty easy for me to fix - just import the code into Dreamweaver and then use Dreamweaver's built-in tool for fixing Word-generated HTML, and then pasting that code back into XSitePro.

If you're building a site from scratch with XSitePro just use a simple text editor like Notepad to put your text together (or type your text straight into XSitePro) and then use XSitePro's formatting tools to design your page. Leave Word for print documents.

Anyway, as well as cleaning up the formatting Doug asked me for help getting traffic and improving conversions. My first suggestion was to convert his course to a PDF file and use Clickbank to process payments, rather than just have PayPal "buy now" links. That's something we're still working on. Doug has had some other professional fitness trainers read his book and recommend a few changes. Once those issues have been sorted we will complete the conversion to Clickbank. One of the biggest advantages of using Clickbank is you will have an instant commissioned sales force ready to promote your product.

The other thing I suggested was that he build a content site to attract targeted visitors via natural search engine results and funnel them to the sales site. The fitness/weight loss industry is very competitive and getting natural search engine traffic to his sales site would be very difficult. As you can see, Fitness Now & Forever is basically a one-page sales letter and using PPC (pay-per-click) search engine marketing would likely be much easier to get traffic.

So my recommendation to Doug was to use Site Build It to build that content site. He had all this knowledge and experience which is just what you need to build a great content site, and SBI was the ideal tool to do it. As it turns out, I was preaching to the converted. Doug already had an SBI site that enjoyed top rankings for his targeted keywords "South Florida Personal Trainer". This site supplies him with a constant supply of targeted leads for his consulting business.

Doug has done a great job with his content site. One of the keys to it's success is the amount of unique content he's added which he's also syndicated via article directories. This strategy has provided good quality links to his site. But it's also proof positive that the SBI system works, especially for local, small business service providers like Doug.

What we intend to do now is make the sales site much more visible on the content site. But all in all, a great way to use two different tools - Site Build It and XSitePro - to market a small business online.

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