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Thursday, September 20, 2007

BlogRush - Free Traffic For Your Blog

When John Reese launches something you know you have to take notice. John is probably THE most succesful Internet marketer out there. He's made squillions from courses, books, membership sites, AdSense and many other online activities. John's latest project is called BlogRush.

Membership of BlogRush is free. You simply submit your blogs, paste the code in your blog template and a "widget" is displayed which has links to posts made by other members. The more times your widget is displayed the more times your posts will be shown in other member's blogs. You can also earn extra credits by referring new members, down to 10 levels deep. For a full explanation watch the video on the BlogRush site.

Apparently BlogRush's growth has been been explosive, with over 40 million blog headlines served already. It's not been without its problems though with some people trying to cheat the system and some poor quality, spammy blogs getting through. But, measures are put in place to combat this, most importantly manual reviews of all blogs submitted. A good thing. Where they are going to get the time/staff to do this I'm not so sure.

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