Leadpages Review 2017

Create Landing Pages Easily

“The times they are a changin”. When it comes to Internet Marketing, Bob Dylan’s words certainly ring true. If you’re thinking in terms of “building a website” for your small business then you’re already behind the times. To grow your business you don’t need a “website”. What you need is LEADS…leads that convert into sales and revenue. Yes, traditional websites can and still do fulfill that objective but a dedicated “landing page” can be far more effective.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a platform for creating landing pages and forms which integrated with your social media and email marketing campaigns. The concept works something like this…

  • Create a “landing page” where you offer something of value for free, e.g. an e-book or course, in exchange for your visitor’s contact details
  • Integrate that page with your email marketing so you can send automated follow ups or broadcasts promoting your product or service
  • Drive traffic to your landing page using social media

Leadpages in Action

You don’t have to go far to see Leadpages examples…I’m using it right here! On the top right of this page you will see a link to download a free report I created called “WordPress Site Building Simplified”. If you click that link you’ll see a pop-up which prompts you to enter your name and email, after which you will be directed to the download link.

This form was created with Leadpages and integrates with my AWeber account. When a form is completed the data is passed through to a specific list on AWeber which I have created for Web Business Solutions visitors. NB: AWeber is an email marketing and autoresponder platform I have been using for many years and recommend.

Here’s some examples of landing pages I have created with Leadpages

I drive traffic to these pages mainly with Facebook pages and ads. Another cool thing about Leadpages is you can use it to create a tab on your Facebook page which works the same as a landing page. Once you’ve created your landing page in Leadpages it can be published to Facebook several ways including via a plugin on your WordPress site. The plugin is available for download directly from your Leadpages account.

Like to see an example? If you have a look at my Facebook page for WBS you’ll see “Free Report” in the menu. This was created using a template specifically designed for Facebook pages.

Leadpages Facebook Page

Creating Landing Pages and Forms

Creating a landing page is fairly straight forward. You start by selecting a template from the many available. There are free and paid versions. I’ve only used the free versions and these worked fine for me. Analytics and A/B split tests are available so you can test and monitor the performance of your pages.

Leadpages Templates

The “Leadboxes” section is where you create forms and pop-ups for your webpages. My forms integrate with AWeber but just about all the popular email marketing platforms are supported. Important note: For the integration with AWeber to work you must first create a sign-up form for your list. This can be a little confusing but AWeber have created a step-by-step article and video to guide you though the whole process. Just go to AWeber’s knowledge base and search for “How Do I Integrate Leadpages With AWeber?”. Follow the guide and it’s a doddle!

Leadboxes example

“Leadlinks” and “Leaddigits” are features available on higher membership levels. Leadlinks are pasted into your broadcast emails and allow your prospects to instantly subscribe to your list or register for a webinar. Leaddigits allows you to add some advanced options for the opt-in process.

NEW: Leadpages also integrates with it’s own recently launched email marketing automation software known as Drip.


Spend any time bouncing around the Web…particular on Social Media…and you’ll see examples of Leadpages in action everywhere. It’s a well-established and popular platform…with good reason. It’s easy to use and when you combine it with your email marketing platform of choice provides a powerful lead generation system.

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