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Can “Site Build It” Replace a Professional Website Designer?

Can SBI really replace a professional website designer? Is it an effective website builder? Having had some experience in website design, online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) myself, I had always believed the answer to that question to be NO.

Of course not. Your average small business owner is not capable of building their own website. Only a “professional” is capable of doing that, right?

Yet, here was Site Build It (now officially known only as SBI) claiming to have empowered small business owners around the world to not only build a website themselves, but to actually get targeted traffic to it and make it profitable!

Build a profitable website with SBI? Puh! Fat chance. Not only do DIY websites look boring, no one ever finds them in the search engines, and the very few who do rarely go on to purchase or do whatever it is the owner wants them to do.

Hang on, what exactly is SBI?

SBI is not just a DIY website builder…but a complete design, hosting and marketing system. For the price (a fraction of what you’d pay a professional website designer or developer), you actually get a lot for your money. It even includes domain name registration as part of the package.

All very well. But build a successful website yourself? Nah, I wasn’t buying it. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that there is a LOT to building success, and it takes a lot more than “putting up a website”.

But then a friend of mine told me she had actually bought an SBI site and was having great success with it. What’s more, she was having a lot of fun because it brought out the creative side of her and she had complete control over the project. No need to explain to someone else what she wanted to achieve or how to go about it.

“Ah!”, says I… “I bet it doesn’t rank anywhere in the search engines and no-one is visiting it”.

“No”, she says calmly, “it’s getting good traffic which is growing day by day, and already I’ve made my first sale!”

Totally deflated, I thought I’d better check out SBI myself. First thing I did was check out some examples and examine some case studies to see if my friend’s case was a fluke. OK, it wasn’t. It was anything but a fluke. But I still wasn’t convinced. Could anyone do this?

Then I looked for further proof. Did I find it? Yeah, found that too. Seems I had found a system that was harnessing the same knowledge I had gathered over several years and allowed small business owners and entrepreneurs to tap into it.

Only it did it way better and at less cost than what I could ever hope to do it for. Or any website designer. Yeah, they’ll scoff, just as I did. Website designers don’t necessarily understand online marketing, or how to build a successful website, rather than one that just looks great and functions perfectly. On the whole, they care about things which matter to them, not to you.

Build it Yourself 

But here’s what sealed the deal for me…

I was contacted by a personal trainer in the US who needed a bit of help with a web design program he was using. So, Doug became a client.

Now, the purpose of this site was to sell Doug’s course on getting fit and losing weight. The weight loss market is very competitive, so achieving success was never going to be easy. Knowing how well suited SBI is to building “content” sites I recommended Doug build his own SBI site and use it to funnel traffic to his sales site. Being a good writer and able to draw on his wealth of experience, I knew this would be a good strategy for Doug.

As it turns out, I was preaching to the converted. Doug already had his own SBI website. Doug’s Personal Fitness Advantage is an excellent example of how to build a content site and proves that your average small business owner without technical webmastering skills, but with knowledge and passion, can build an effective website.

OK, that was many years ago. Since that first experience with SBI I’ve become a business analyst with a leading SEO (search engine optimisation) & web development company, working with businesses large and small around the globe… but I’ve remained a rock solid supporter of SBI and the man behind it, Ken Evoy.

Make a Profitable Website with SBI – Action Guide

The SBI Action Guide is the actual guide you will use to build your online business. It’s a great way to evaluate SBI before making a purchase. I strongly recommend you take the time to go through it.

SBI Success Stories

Here are some unique links that will explain how SBI works from your perspective. Simply click on the link that most sounds like you:

Don’t Have Time to Build Your Own Website?

Don’t fancy doing it yourself? You have a business to run…right? Get an SBI site built for you.

SBI or WordPress?

The site you are now viewing was built with WordPress…essentially a blogging platform which can also be used to create websites. So if SBI is so great…why am I using WP? Glad you asked. Here’s why…

I have well over 10 years experience in site building, online marketing and SEO. I have worked with multi-national, multi-million dollar companies…helping them to improve their visibility and revenues. I know how to register domains, arrange hosting, install databases, install and customise WordPress, install WP themes, plugins and scripts, analyse traffic data…and optimise sites for the search engines. Most small business owners DO NOT. You see…SBI is not aimed at me. It’s aimed at small business owners and online entrepreneurs who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on professional services, but need a DIY system to create success…not just create a website.

WordPress is a great platform…the company I now work for use it as the basis for all our web development projects. But we have a team of web developers, designers, SEO business analysts and link development analysts working to get the best out of that platform. WordPress is simply not for the lay-person. Compare WordPress with SBI here.

Is SBI Really Any Good? Need Another Opinion?

Who better than SBI owners for un-biased opinions, help and advice. Contact an experienced SBI advisor who is also an SBI owner. Get answers via phone/chat/email from SBI Advisors.

How Much Does SBI Cost?

Before you buy Site Build It you no doubt want to know the cost. There are a number of payment options. The SBI order page has all the details.

User Videos

These SBI user videos will give you an idea of how ordinary people…just like you…have created real online businesses.

I genuinely hope you found this Site Build It review useful and go on to achieve the results you desire. Oh…one last thing. If you are thinking that maybe this is some sort of fly-by-night thing…that SBI is a scam…check the copyright on the side of this page. That’s 10 years ago I first published this site. And SBI was going strong well before I discovered it. This site is still here. I’m still here. SBI is still here. If you still have questions you can get the answers you need here.

Build Your Own Website  Get a Website That Works Built For You

Full disclosure: I am a proud SBI affiliate. If you purchase through any of the links on this page I will earn a commission. I will also lose that commission if you use the full money-back guarantee and get a refund. And that’s fine. Ken doesn’t want you to buy SBI if it’s not right for you…and neither do I.