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Affordable Small Business Web Hosting Review

If you are looking to host your small business website you may be asking yourself these questions…

  • Are all web hosts the same?
  • Do web hosting companies provide SEO (search engine optimization) and web design services for your site?
  • Will Google find my site?
  • Do I need managed hosting?
  • What about a web domain name and a site builder?
  • Where can I find top quality web site hosting services?
  • What is the best web hosting for small business?
  • Are free, cheap or discount services any good?

These are just a few questions you may be asking yourself before you launch your new small business web page.

Hosting is simply the process which makes your website available on the Internet. Web hosting companies rent you space on their servers (either shared or dedicated) to “host” your website.

Are they all the same? No, they are not. Although the range of services offered by hosting companies are similar there are two factors which are critical in making the right choice…


If your site goes down, so does your business. Money and time that you have invested in driving traffic to your site will all be for nothing if your site is not responding. It can happen…even with the best small business web hosting companies…but needs to be a very rare occurrence. And if it does happen, that’s when the second critical factor comes into play…


You need a web hosting company who will respond instantly when things go wrong, as well as give you support and advice on setting up your website and dealing with technical issues. In my 16+ years I’ve used many different hosting companies, for my own projects as well as dealing with client sites, but the best one for meeting those crucial factors in my experience is A2 Hosting. A2 offer shared, VPS, Cloud and dedicated hosting solutions.

Best Small Business Web Hosting

As Web Business Solutions is all about small business and learning how to start an Internet affiliate business, I’ll assume the reason you are here is to find affordable small business web hosting. Shared hosting would take care of most needs but can always be upgraded later if your business grows. “Shared hosting” simply means your site shares server space with other sites. And you’ll want to be able to set your site up using a Content Management System (CMS) which is easy to learn and use…which is exactly why I recommend WordPress. A2 have a simple installation of WordPress, including a special “A2 Optimized” version. This is a screen grab of one of my A2 accounts…

best small business web hosting

As you can see, as well as WordPress you can easily install other popular CMS and e-com platforms. A2’s cPanel allows you to manage pretty much every aspect of hosting your site…

A2 Hosting Review cPanel

Affordable small business web hosting

Best web hosting for small business

A2 Hosting for small business review

WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Not familiar with WordPress? WP is easily the most popular CMS on the Web. I used it to build the site you are now on…and trust me…I am NOT a tech guy. It’s very easy to learn and use, although to get the BEST results there are some tips and tricks. Here are my recommended resources…

Finding the best small business web hosting is the first step to achieving success online. Build your own website with WordPress (yes, you CAN do it) and choose a reliable and supportive hosting company and you will have laid the foundation for achieving your business goals.


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