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About Steve Pronger


If you’ve landed on this site and read some of the articles you’re probably thinking “who is this dude…does he know what he’s talking about…and should I believe anything he says?”. Fair call. So I guess I should tell you a bit about myself…

My background is actually in insurance, working for a major Australian insurance company for about 23 years. I then became a full time house dad…looking after 6 kids…yes 6…while my wife went back to full time work.

At that point I started investigating the work at home thing. I got into web design, site building, SEO and affiliate marketing. And I was hooked. That led me to taking a position as a digital analyst with a major international SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web development company.

My clients included companies in Australia, New Zealand, USA and France from a wide range of industries including hotels (global chains), manufacturing, health care, cosmetic surgeons, lawyers and many more. I worked with hundreds of businesses, large and small, helping them improve their online visibility and revenues.

Web Business Solutions

Seven years on I decided to return to being an independent consultant with the objective of finding the best site building and lead generation solutions for small businesses and online entrepreneurs. I started Web Business Solutions way back in 2002 to provide web design, hosting and affiliate marketing recommendations for small and home based businesses who don’t have thousands of dollars to fork out every month on professional services but still want solutions that work.

Hopefully the products and services reviewed here will fulfill that need for you. I certainly believe they will.

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