Kris Clicks Review

Kris Clicks Review

Is this the Best Free Banner Ad Exchange Website?

Kris Clicks is is an advertising and lead generation platform which offers users a cost effective way to drive traffic to their offers. It is particularly well suited to online marketers in the MLM/Network Marketing, work from home and affiliate marketing space. As well as buying traffic packages for your banner and text ads you also have the option of generating free traffic by participating in the exchange program. Kris Clicks was created by Kris Karafotos, who IBO Toolbox members would recognize as the head trainer and someone who knows quite a lot about Internet Marketing.

How Does It Work?

When you join you’ll be given 100 free credits to get started. Along with the exchange program this will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the platform without committing any money at all.

Creating an ad is easy. Click on My Ads, then under “Create an Ad” enter your ad title and the URL you are sending traffic to (be sure to double check your link is correct). You can create either a banner or text ad. For banner ads most popular formats are supported including 728 X 90, 468 X 60, 250 X 250 and 160 X 600. Select the image for your banner and upload. You have the option to include your ad in the exchange. My advice is to uncheck that box so your ad is only shown in the network (there are thousands of sites who have partnered with Kris Clicks). Click on “Create My Ad” and you are ready to roll.

Kris Clicks create an ad

Traffic Types

Once you’ve created your ad it’s a good idea to select the traffic sources. Click on Settings and under Traffic Type Selection you will see check-boxes for various types of traffic such as MLM, Work from Home, social media, parked domain etc. You’ll want to do some experimenting here but try to select traffic sources which are most related to your offer. Some will convert better than others so select a few, run your ads and if they are not converting well try some different sources. Generally I use Network Marketing, lead generation and SEO as these tend to convert the best for my affiliate marketing offers.

Kris Clicks traffic types

The Exchange

The exchange is for members only and allows you to earn credits for your own advertising. Click on the Exchange link and you will see a banner or text ad from a fellow member. Click the ad and the target website will be shown as a pop over. View that page for at least 15 seconds and you will earn 1 credit. The more ads you view the more credits you will earn. My advice is to turn your ads off while you build up a stock of credits, then turn them on and continue to use the exchange. It’s not hard to earn at least 100 credits in a session (more if you’re keen).

The exchange may not be the most time-effective way to generate traffic but it does allow you to evaluate your ads without spending any money. Once you have locked in on an ad that converts well you can experiment with the ad packages.

NOTE: The platform works best if you use it to drive traffic to a dedicated landing or lead generation page. For example, I use it to drive traffic to my free affiliate marketing book. I created the landing page for this with Leadpages.

Kris Clicks review

Does it Work?

I came across a video when I was researching Kris Clicks reviews where the author claimed it was a scam because he did not see any clicks or conversions from his run of test ads. However, my thoughts on this are…

  • The click data may have not yet shown in his affiliate program referral data. Few programs give you real time data and my experience using Google Analytics with Kris Clicks is the clicks show as direct traffic rather than referrals (more on that in a minute)
  • His ads may not have been particularly good or his traffic sources may not have been well chosen.
  • His offer simply may not have been very good. Ultimately, any traffic generation platform is only as good as the offer you are sending traffic to.

Kris Clicks has it’s own visitor data reporting. Go to My Ads and click on Visitor Information for the ad you want to check. Here you will see the timestamp, IP address, time on site, country, state and city of origin. You will see the page visited as well as subsequent pages from that link.

Kris Clicks visitor info

To verify this myself I sent traffic to my “How to Make Super Affiliate Commissions” landing page. Although this page is hosted by Leadpages, my Google Analytics tracking code is embedded on the page so I can track it in GA. Whenever I run ads I always have GA open to show real-time data and it’s easy to see the traffic flowing through. This includes clicks to “earnings disclosure” and similar footer links in the ad.

For this test I earned 15 clicks in the exchange and then watched the data in GA. As I mentioned, the traffic shows as direct in GA and not referral (not sure why). This is not a search optimized page (landing pages by their nature aren’t) so pretty much all the traffic that goes to it is via banner or text ads. In this case traffic coming from Kris Clicks was obvious.

I am quite satisfied that the platform does what it says on the box. It is NOT a scam…traffic is real and can be verified.


Yes I am an affiliate but I’m also a regular user of Kris Clicks…both with the free exchange program and the paid adverting packages. My observations on GA show that people not only click on the ads but often navigate further into my site. The trick is to promote offers that are aligned with the audience where your ads are shown. I wouldn’t try to promote regular business services and products but for affiliate and network marketers you can get some good results for minimal outlay.

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5 Replies to “Kris Clicks Review”

  1. I am not too sure as the traffic is legitimate. My tracking software identifies most clicks are abusers and NOT. Genuine.


  2. Thanks for your comment Attiq. I’m not sure how your tracking software would make that differentiation but at the end of the day you need to do your own investigations and draw your own conclusions. For my part I’m satisfied the service does what it claims to do.

  3. I agree with Attiq. When I ran a campaign the history showed all traffic was from the US, but when I looked up the IP addresses a lot were from foreign countries and the IP Providers for most IP addresses. I know my landing page coverts very well from experience. I bought 1000 clicks and did not even get one optin. Very suspect in my opinion. Like you said do your own research.

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