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Best Online Sitebuilders in 2023

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Need to find out how to build a small business website with WordPress or other site building platforms…

  • without coding,
  • without an IT web designer or professional web design and development company,
  • without learning complicated technologies like Flash and CSS,
  • totally suitable for beginners, affordable and easy?

And you need to do it now?

Perhaps you want to make money online and have fun by building your own affiliate marketing websites?

There are many good quality, template based, search engine optimized (SEO), online site builders on the market which are easy to use and low cost. The top ten (IMHO) are…

  1. WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Crazy Domains
  3. Ucraft
  4. Weebly
  5. Strikingly
  6. Wix
  7. Godaddy
  8. Squarespace
  9. Voog
  10. Yola

Some of these let you build your site for free (with limitations) with upgrade packages. But here at Web Business Solutions my objective is to remove the confusion and help you find the best, easy to use and value for money solutions…software and platforms I’ve had personal experience with and can recommend…or not recommend…based on that experience.

My Top Pick (for all site building needs): WP Engine

Formerly StudioPress Sites, WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting is based on the WordPress (paid link) CMS (Content Management System) and puts the focus on creating and selling…NOT fooling with technology. If you want to learn how to build a website with WordPress this platform offers a compelling solution.


If your needs are more geared towards making landing pages and generating leads…rather than building content sites or blogs…Leadpages could be the solution for you. Build your pages with templates and a drag and drop option.

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