How To Integrate Leadpages With WordPress

How to integrate Leadpages with WordPress

What Is the LeadPages WordPress Plugin?

If you’re an existing WordPress and Leadpages user you might be wondering how you can integrate your Leadpages and LeadBoxes into your WordPress site with minimal fuss. Leadpages do provide instructions on this but they can be hard to find and you may encounter a few issues, as I did. Like everything, it’s easy once you know how. So, here’s what to do…

Download the Leadpages WordPress plugin.

  • Click on the drop-down menu under your account name
  • Select “Integrations”

LeadPages Integrations 1

  • Select “Plugins”
  • Click and download the Leadpages WordPress Plugin

LeadPages Integrations 2

Install the Plugin

  • Upload the plugin from your WordPress admin. DO NOT unzip before uploading.

LeadPages WordPress Integrations 8

  • Activate the plugin and you will now be able to manage, create and publish new Leadpages and LeadBoxes from within your WordPress admin.

If you get an error message after activating the plugin…

This can happen because the latest version of the plugin needs PHP 5.4 or higher to work. If you’re not sure what version you are using on your hosting account, a neat little plugin called “Display PHP Version” will show the version under “At a Glance” in your dashboard.

If your version is under 5.4 contact your web host for advice on updating. Sometimes this can be done from your cPanel, but other times they will need to do this for you. If it’s not possible to do this right away you can still use an older version of the plugin. Here’s how…

  • Go to your LeadPages list and click on “…” next to the data for any of your pages
  • LeadPages WordPress Integration 3Select “Publish Options”

LeadPages WordPress Integrations 4

  • Select “Other Publishing Options” then click on “Get the Plugin”

LeadPages WordPress Integrations 5

  • Download the file called “leadpages-preconfigured-weboffers7 “
  • Upload this file as a plugin, the same way you would any other plugin. DO NOT unzip before uploading. Once installed and activated you will have an older version of the plugin ready to use. Be sure to update to the latest version of the plugin as soon as you are able to.

LeadPages WordPress Plugin

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is special marketing software designed for creating dedicated landing pages, pop-ups, forms and much more. Read my full review here.

How To Integrate LeadPages With WordPress
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How To Integrate LeadPages With WordPress
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