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  • Introduction
  • What is Enterprise SEO?
  • What should you look for in an Enterprise SEO Solution?
  • Why is Enterprise SEO important?
  • How to Do Enterprise SEO?
  • The Future of Enterprise SEO
  • How is Enterprise SEO Different Than “Normal” SEO?
  • How much does Enterprise SEO Cost?
  • Why Hire An Enterprise SEO Company?
  • Enterprise SEO Services
  • Enterprise SEO Examples
  • Putting This All Together


SEO is all the same at the end of the day, right?

Actually, that’s not entirely true. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, businesses with large websites often have complex web designs that require a great deal of consideration.

A study by BrightEdge found that 51% of all web traffic comes from organic search results. If you are going to outperform your competitors in organic search results, then you must do everything within your power to perform well. That means having your website, content, and blog posts appear on search engines.

Enterprise SEO services are typically required by large enterprises with a huge number of web pages. An enterprise SEO firm performs the same basic SEO tasks as a “normal” SEO firm, but with one major difference: Because of the client’s vast scale, size, and complexity, as well as the client’s website, the execution takes on a whole different, and far more sophisticated, form. Enterprise SEO goes beyond optimizing a website and boosting your brand’s content. Large SEO efforts are implemented for businesses that rely on digital operations to compete.

As part of this post, I will explain what enterprises and big companies need to know about Enterprise SEO, practical approaches they can apply, and ways in which they can convince their top management to adopt this strategy. Let’s Get Started.

What is Enterprise SEO?

Before we begin to answer that, let’s ask one simple question: what is Search Engine Optimization? This is a process that involves improving a website so that web search engines will take notice of it. Many SEO practices focus on Google in particular, but it can be applied to any search engine as long as you have an idea of how it works.

Enterprise SEO is a complete approach to SEO for larger firms with thousands of pages and needs powerful SEO techniques. Enterprise SEO strategy requires both high-level and detailed techniques to increase profitability. Large websites with thousands of pages require professional SEO teams and high-level methods to increase traffic. Enterprise SEO teams help major enterprises boost income by providing specific guidance and a scalable, strategic approach.

Unlike the smaller-scale versions of this process, enterprise SEO encompasses a wide range of optimization strategies. I would describe this kind of SEO as an alternative to small business SEO because it targets a different market and often requires the development of a larger and more complex website.

What should you look for in an Enterprise SEO Solution?

As the scope of responsibilities increases, users must be able to manage both tactical and strategic SEO with the use of technology that goes beyond simple keyword research. The following is a list of the features that an ideal enterprise SEO solution should provide:

SEO Research and Thought Leadership

When it comes to enterprise SEO, then all the companies out there should be taking advantage of the proprietary data that is available to them, and they should also take advantage of all the new insights that are there in the market and stay updated with the new trends that are going on. This indicates intellectual leadership as well as the depth of data analysis and interpretation that clients would expect.

Furthermore, I would also like to say that it is necessary to make a report of the work that has been done. And each of these reports should have industry-specific data, top industry trends, primary marketing channel and tactics, content comparison benchmark, industry-specific SEO, click curves, and primary SEO use cases and the solution for the industry.

Investing in the research that is going on, and sharing those research to educate the community and people in that community, understanding industry trends – shows how big enterprise SEO is going to get and how it will shape the future. If you are still confused about how to cope with this you should take the help of an enterprise SEO digital marketing agency to help you with this.

Operational Scalability

Customers work hard to expand their company quickly, thus an SEO solution should provide significantly more capacity than they require. Correctly constructed architecture should be able to scale ahead of its most important clients. This implies being able to add and track millions of keywords for certain businesses. It means being able to audit and report on the world’s largest websites, which may contain hundreds of millions of pages.

Integration with Top Data Sources and Data Integrity

APIs for enterprise SEO platforms are robust, enabling seamless integration with major data and analytics providers such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Majestic SEO, Facebook, Coremetrics, and Webtrends, with new sources being added on a quarterly basis. An SEO company’s decision-making data must be up to date on a regular basis in order to be effective.


As we all know that day by day the frequency of search engine algorithms has speeded up and because of that reason the communication became more vague, nobody knows what is in trend to leverage your site with the help of SEO, and therefore there is a need for all the enterprise technology to place the content of their website in a smart framework. And in such a framework the site content is updated automatically as per the requirement so that you are on top of the algorithm. You are also able to use AI-powered topic discovery with the help of that you can discover the topics that are relevant to your website and you can create content.

A large-scale enterprise always needs automation because of its big website so that it can efficiently monitor all of the pages and also see the response of the website. The best enterprise SEO platforms that are out there monitor your whole site and if ever they see any threat to the website or if there’s an opportunity to grow then they will alert you. You should look for dashboards that allow automatic updates and distribution, and platforms that allow you to audit changes to your website.

Enterprise-Grade Global Coverage

If you have known the market correctly then you should be aware of the fact that most enterprise-level websites are on a global level. And it is pretty much clear that all global enterprise needs global reporting and insights that will help them to measure their workflow and follow the best practices across the country. An enterprise SEO team will have to research and evaluate Google, Bing, Baidu, Naver, and Yandex in every country in which they dominate in order to provide insights into the major local search engines in those countries.

Workflow and Project Management Workflow Resources

The main issue that is faced by numerous websites is workflow management. A website at the enterprise level cannot be optimized on a one-off basis and small content changes cannot be implemented. In enterprise SEO the products that are utilized provide logical and clear workflows for large teams.

In the Enterprise SEOs product, there should be many features, features as ability tasks to team members, manage tasks per member, record notes, record events, and milestones and also analyze a number of pages or any sections of the site. With the help of enterprise platforms, you should be able to enable robust user management and permissions controls.

Support and Training

When it comes to large enterprises, it is necessary to give customer service and support with the help of experienced professionals, those who don’t take much time and try to solve the query as soon as possible. And I would also like to add that the best SEO companies that are out there also provide solutions and give professional service when required.

These are the major expectations of SEOs and digital marketing leaders in the largest companies, which can only be developed and delivered by a top enterprise SEO provider like WPWeb Infotech.

Why is Enterprise SEO important?

For larger companies, smaller business tactics won’t work. Small firms rarely target highly competitive, long-tail keywords, but major corporations do.

Larger firms also need a dedicated corporate SEO staff to monitor and maintain organic rankings. In smaller companies, the person in charge of SEO is often in charge of content marketing and possibly social media.

When you’re targeting highly competitive keywords and have hundreds of pages on your site, a jack-of-all-trades isn’t enough. A lack of a dedicated team of professionals when your firm needs it is likely the reason why SEO hasn’t worked for you.

Large firms will profit from enterprise SEO because their SEO concerns are more complex due to the number of web pages, backlinks, domain authority, etc. Larger sites normally have more brand authority. That means you can’t delete or redirect pages with backlinks and high page authority. You must also maintain this content currently. Plus a company grows, the more difficult that becomes.

Ultimately, enterprise SEO needs to be smarter, scalable, and more sophisticated.

How to do Enterprise SEO?

A vast range of products and services are generally offered by major organizations or even mid-sized businesses. An enterprise SEO strategy comprises on-page optimization and content production. Focusing on local SEO also helps enter the local market. Enterprise sites have to face cutthroat competition at every stage, particularly from brands with sophisticated SEO strategies.

We have created a list of some helpful tools that can assist you in creating successful Enterprise SEO strategies:

Adapt to Voice Search

Due to the pandemic, things shifted online as well as due to lockdown all day people were searching for one or the other thing therefore the world of search evolved once more by the high usage of Voice technology, and it is said that if an enterprise company needs to stay in the market it is necessary that you need to have a voice search bar to keep up with this ongoing changes. Furthermore, I would also like to include that day by day because the cast range of Voice-activated technology that is out there technologies like Alexa, Siri, Echo Cortana, and Google Assistant voice technology has been drastically improved.

According to one of the reports of Google, it is said that 27% of the online global population loves to search for the thing they want with the help of Voice search on mobile. Additionally, the top results are presented to users instead of a complete search engine result page with voice searches. It is necessary that the enterprise that wants to attract high inbound traffic to grow its business has to be on top of its game.

After seeing the importance of Voice SEO many big enterprises are integrating voice SEO into their marketing strategy. Nestle, the company that produces the largest range of food and beverages, created a custom skill for Alexa that provides voice instruction during cooking.

Target striking distance keywords

A striking distance keyword is one that is not quite at the top of the Google SERPs but maybe if given enough time and effort. It refers to the keywords that are within striking distance of being on the first page of Google searches. The best opportunity for increasing visibility, traffic, and conversions can easily be found by targeting strike distance keywords. If you still don’t understand it, take the help of an SEO optimization agency to help you with it.

Everybody wants their page to rank and win the keywords that are going to rank high in the future, so that is why it is necessary to identify the striking distance keywords and keep on refreshing the content with their help. Hands down will take you a long way.

In addition, the update gives you the chance to revisit older content, add new links, optimize the meta, etc. It’s easy and takes little time to do, but gives you big results.

Be a Content-Producing Machine

Everybody is already aware of the fact that SEO content is extremely important, and this is particularly true for early-stage content “awareness.”

If any enterprise agency wants to be successful, and not only big but also small business wants to go high in SERPs, you must write as well as develop high-quality content. It should be done by keeping user search intent in mind for all the stages of the user journey.

The majority of SEO experts will run out of things to do with their clients after they have worked with them for several years, but you will never run out of content to produce. Because there is some other development always going on and you have to stay updated with the development and educate yourself as well as all the people around you.

An effective way to capture early to mid-stage content such as interview topics, case studies, and even transactional content is by writing blogs.

The blog is lengthy, and it might happen that not many people read it or don’t have much time on their hands to read the whole 2500 words blog. So, it’s okay if you want to create short content which is very resourceful and provides value to the user and what they want to know. If that works for you, you can do that as well.

If you’re trying to provide your users with the best experience, it’s best to test and see what works. Last but not least, we need to stop thinking that whenever we create content, we should target one or two keywords. In terms of relevance, you either meet user search intent or you don’t.

Optimize Technical SEO

One of the main things you should keep in mind other than the keywords and linking site is the technical aspects of SEO. Technical aspects include many things like 301 redirect, site mapping, and adding XML files and because of these all things, the search engine can easily read, index, and share your site. The use of a search engine can be a difficult task within a large company, but you can use tools, like robots, which crawl your site and show you anything that may come up in the search results.

Featured Snippet Optimization

In Google’s search results, there are short pieces of text called “featured snippets” that appear at the top of the page. These may be paragraphs, tables, steps, or lists. The information contained in them is taken automatically from the web pages in the Google index. The featured snippet box on the search results page is often referred to as “Position 0” because it is placed before the no.1 spot on the search results page.

Now you must be wondering how to earn that spot? Well, the key to that is keeping your content should be quality content also it is needed to be relevant. You need to keep the section small so that it is easily readable in a few seconds. Also, don’t forget to use headers to break up the content sections, and finally, make sure that each of the sections is between 40 to 50 words.

Featured snippets are mostly questions. Therefore, be sure to answer the how, when, where, who, what, and why of your sections. Make use of photos and videos since people love to see things and understand them.

Internal and External SEO

The importance of internal linking is often overlooked by SEO professionals. Linking your related content pages together is an effective way to increase your website traffic. Backlinks (external links) are still one of the top-ranking factors.

By using internal links in your website, you provide Google and other search engines with information about the structure of your website and make it easier for them to find pages that offer more value. One of the advantages of internal links is that you can control which pages are linked to and what anchor text is used to direct traffic to a different page.

In order to improve your organic performance, getting links from related external and externally affiliated sites with high authority is still important, but as always, quality will always take precedence over quantity. Don’t forget to distribute your content on social media to attract more high-quality links.

The Future of Enterprise SEO

What I think of a good and effective SEO strategy is that it is a powerful weapon, when you detonate it, it blows out all the competitors from the market, and they won’t be able to touch you for years. In spite of this, early planning should be undertaken before re-platforming, redesigning, migrating, and launching is feasible.

It is possible to achieve amazing results by combining a thorough communication plan, anchoring, and the transfer of knowledge – all while being supported by a solid budget, leadership, and trust.

Let me tell you something from my own experience, as I was working for some clients designing a UX template for them. I saw some bugs in their website and fixed them so that a strong, scalable, automated highway for Google’s crawler is created and this is all I did within the same budget and timeline.

The following benefits can be gained from such deliberate improvements:

  • It helps Google figure out how pages are related to each other and which ones to suggest for searches and topics you might be interested in.
  • For Google, they ought to stand out more as something they should rank for, why they should rank for, and how they should rank for.
  • Each form of content has a distinctive purpose and meets diverse needs. Each editorial and commercial content strategy is refined to enhance and refine the editorial and commercial content strategy.
  • Afterward, they use keyword intent to enhance the store’s web pages on Google’s local search results in order to drive offline traffic to storefronts and attract buyers in important product categories.

How is Enterprise SEO Different Than “Normal” SEO?

Despite the similarities between traditional SEO and enterprise SEO, these two practices are very different. Small-scale SEO services provide maximum growth within the budgetary constraints of a small organization. Consequently, there is a corresponding effect on the business. Traditionally, SEO has been used to answer questions such as: “Can this budget generate enough traffic?”

On the other hand, enterprise SEO is a strategy for organic growth of market share and risk reduction that is scalable for Fortune 100 companies. This will lead to very positive outcomes in the form of becoming the market leader in the organic search for a category worth a billion dollars.

An organization with thousands of web pages is far more impressive than a small business or mid-market company with a few web pages or a couple hundred. Therefore, it is logical to assume that strategies that work for a small number of pages might not necessarily work for a larger number of pages.

How much does Enterprise SEO cost?

As we know that traditional and enterprise SEO is different from each other so therefore there will be a difference in price too. The main reason being the price difference is that traditional SEO focuses on the long tail keyword whereas enterprise SEO targets the short tail keyword where there is so much competition.

There are millions of results generated from short-tail keywords. As a result, it should not be a surprise that they need a comprehensive SEO plan. However, this will also require some additional expertise.

It is not uncommon for companies to charge as little as $50 / hour for their entry-level services and others to charge as much as $25,000 / month. The reason there’s such a wide range is that what different companies describe as “SEO” varies greatly, as do their teams, effectiveness, and level of service.

What services Enterprise SEO provides?

  • Mobile & site speed optimization
  • Meta title rewriting
  • Landing page creation
  • Targeted PR
  • UI / UX and conversion optimization
  • Content syndication
  • Thought Leadership

Why Hire An Enterprise SEO Company?

So, what could go wrong if an Enterprise-level website hired a random SEO agency? So, why should such huge and reputable businesses and websites use an Enterprise SEO company?

To stay up-to-date on SEO trends

It wasn’t long ago that if you have a content-rich website you will be ranked, but then Google found out how everybody was doing Keyword cannibalization so, after that the content lean website started to rank. And now it is the era of mobile devices and voice assistants so it is necessary that your content is in accordance with current SEO trends. Google search algorithm keeps on changing so you need to be well aware of the trends if you are an enterprise-level company and have 100s of pages then you should and all of their needs to be SEO optimized.

There you should hire an SEO expert who is well aware of the latest trends of SEO and knows all the SEO tips and tricks to make your site rank first.

They build a right content strategy

The most simple way to understand this point is. Let’s take for an example that you are a plumber in a small town of Dallas, Texas and you have a small website of your profession, now you want to rank first on a particular keyword in your town and it is possible because there is not much competition in it.

Now let’s take another example if you have a multinational fashion brand like Zara or H&M and you sell different clothing as well as accessories you need to rank first on all the pages like Women’s winter wear, Boy’s party wear, Women’s accessories, Boy’s Shoes you need to target all the keyword and rank high in all the keyword. And that’s where an enterprise-level SEO agency comes to play. They will take care of everything and help all your pages rank high.

Protect your brand’s reputation

In the event that someone searches for your brand’s products, you do not desire negative reviews to appear at the top of the search results. In order to avoid this, optimize your website’s pages to show up in search results instead, and that is how good proper SEO optimization is. You can do whatever you want if your SEO strategy is perfect.

Access to advanced tools and resources

As we all know that the Google algorithm keeps on changing. Gone are the days when everybody used to do keyword stuffing to rank first. Now what matters is user experience and the content you are writing. There are also other things that you need to take into consideration that as the website design and loading speed of the page and much more.

And to do all this you need all the specialized tools designed for SEO purposes, but buying all that tools can be quite expensive for you, and therefore you need to hire an enterprise SEO agency that already has the excess of all these tools and resources and that should be able to handle your huge project at a much lower cost than hiring on-site resources.

Enterprise SEO Services

We all are well aware of the fact that an online brand reputation depends almost entirely upon the brand awareness by the customer, revenue and traffic generated and much more therefore it becomes mandatory to come up with plans and smart strategies to grow your brand’s name.

It is extremely important that your company understands that the move from ordinary SEO to enterprise SEO will allow it to achieve a whole new level of success and future growth.

In order to realize these goals, you will need to hire an SEO agency or SEO company in order to manage all SEO practices on an organization-wide basis, and this is called Enterprise SEO Services. An experienced SEO expert will be key to helping you improve your online presence.

Research and A Competitive Digital Analysis

Your SEO strategy is built on a foundation of research and auditing. For this reason, you need to explore your digital marketing agency in depth. The agency evaluates your competitors, monitors your top search results in your industry, and keeps an eye on your keyword research routine, website structure, content, local visibility, and more in order to discover new marketing opportunities.

Creative On-Site Optimization

As you write more and more articles about a topic, selecting keywords becomes more difficult. There can be times when you think you have said all the things you could possibly say.

To meet this need, you need to have a dedicated enterprise SEO team to conduct regular keyword research and content gap analysis so you can create new content on new topics on a regular basis.

  • An analysis of keyword mapping
  • Do a thorough analysis of competitor keywords
  • How to implement Keywords correctly
  • Improve monitoring strategy with advanced ranking tracking

Creating Cool, Compelling, and Creative Content

Aside from SEO, the creation of quality content is another factor that should be considered greatly when developing a website.

For enterprise-level companies, this is also something that needs to be scalable for an SEO team to lead to the development of new keywords that can rank for and then hand off to a content-creation team.

If you have an enterprise SEO team, they will select target keywords and suggest guidelines for your writers to help them improve their posts, including advice on image alt-text and snippets.

  • Create search engine-friendly content
  • Write an engaging long-form article (1500+ words) that attracts and educates readers
  • Infographics, images, and original information should be added.

Note:- While we are talking about creating cool, compelling, and creative content nowadays the youth are more seen on online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and many more social media sites, if you want to attract those youth towards your site you need to create something cool and creative something out of the box for them so that they are magnetized towards your site because more traffic = more relevancy and more relevancy = more trust. Hire a social media marketer for your enterprise website and they will help your content on social media.

Getting Backlink

Any website can utilize the same link-building tactics as an enterprise site, as long as they follow the SEO best practices.

The sites do have a few opportunities to build backlinks, however. Unlinked brand mentions are often utilized by enterprise sites to build links at scale.

A brand mention that has no link is exactly what it sounds like: it’s when another site mentions the brand without linking.

Convincing stakeholders of the value of Enterprise SEO

SEO agencies are great communicators, with marketing, IT, designers, code developers, content writers, etc. all involved in the SEO process.

No matter if you are an SEO agency employee or part of an in-house team at a company, you must persuade executives that SEO is enough to warrant a generous budget.

Boosting enterprise SEO by optimizing citations

An Enterprise SEO company will optimize Citations to increase search rankings.

Publish mass quotes on industry-specific directories. Optimize social media pages to localize your business locally. Localize your Google My Business listing. Build authority through backlinks and local citations.

Engaging conversations through influencer marketing

The goal of influencer marketing is to create relevant and useful content for businesses’ targeted audiences, which helps businesses to grow. Enterprise SEO can be used to filter generated traffic so that relevant leads are directed to the right visitors to the website to engage them.

As a result, your website will earn links from high-authority domains for improved ROI (Return on Investment.

Enterprise SEO Examples


Do you know that Microsoft has a total of 1,04,00,000 million pages and they rank one on almost over 1 million pages? Additionally, what’s more, shocking is that they need to target all the different types of keywords, because they serve a varied number of products to it”s customers.

And they need to protect their domain authority across several industries from business tools to video gaming consoles. With all this to consider, it still ranks no.1 position for more than 450,000 keywords.


It is estimated that this large American corporation has over 1,46,000 pages on its website. It is clear that they cannot attempt to optimize every page of the site, or else the process would take years to complete.

Instead of using the same landing page for every feature on the website, they created separate landing pages for each. The results were quite unexpected, to say the least. In the span of just one year, they reached the top of the first page of Google for 197,467 different keywords and also doubled their traffic to the site.

Best Buy

There used to be a time when Best Buy retailers made huge sales from their offline stores. However, Their online competitors soon overtook them, and they started losing business. Upon closely examining its SEO strategy, they found that it had numerous flaws. The most significant of these flaws is “keyword stuffing.”

In order to improve their SEO strategy, they decided to develop quality content and conduct keyword research.

During the product description section of their website, Best Buy made an unexpected change. Users now have access to an expert section. This strengthened the reputation of their business. People began to treat them as industry experts.


Github has 7,58,00,000, and what’s more impressive is that it is ranking first for more than 80,000 keywords.

This shows that with the help of enterprise SEO they manage their whole site and they also are focused on maintaining their old pages. With that, they are still earning new links to boost their organic search rankings.

Putting this all together

When it comes to improving your website, you need to focus on the things that work, ignore the things you can’t accomplish, and have a sense of urgency.

You can do it by Implementing new and existing keywords, partnering with your development team to streamline page creation, and building systems to help SEOs and other marketers manage technical tasks. 80% of your time should be spent on implementation. The stakes are high in enterprise SEO, and the opportunities are endless. Don’t lose hope just because progress seems slow. The key is to just keep trying and never give up; eventually, you will succeed. Eventually, if a company and its employees put their heads together and determine exactly how to utilize search engine optimization, then that company is able to dominate its industry.

Consider both relational and technical factors while evaluating a corporate SEO firm. You should hire a firm that you love working with because there will be a lot of engagement from strategy development to campaign execution to formal campaign performance assessments. If you and other key decision-makers enjoy the SEO firm’s business style and professionalism, the relationship — and outcomes — will likely improve year after year.

Need help with your company’s SEO? Call +91 74879 53665 or request a quote now.

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