Top 5 Helpful Plugins You Need to Create a Business Site with WordPress

Top 5 Helpful Plugins You Need to Create a Business Site with WordPress

WordPress is one of the largest content management systems that has more than 50,000 plugins to facilitate the business owner when they are making a website.

To improve the user experience of the site, plugins are important and can help you to make your website faster.

Plugins can be used for various purposes that can enhance your website to boost your business and traffic.

Selecting the right plugin for your business website is important as it affects the speed, security, SEO, and user experience of your website.

Some popular and widespread WordPress plugins would benefit your site regardless of its niche. Among these plugins, some are very important, while some are just there to make the site better.

In this article, we will discuss some of the helpful plugins available for your business website.

Why are plugins important for your business website?

Without plugins, WordPress might not be as famous as it is now, because plugins make website development better and more efficient. Plugins are considered building blocks of a business website. This brings the features that are essential for your website, while you can easily improve the functionality of your sites.

Whether you want to add a contact form, improve your SEO, optimize the speed of your website, set up an e-commerce shop, design your websites or create a newsletter, plugins can be helpful.

Plugins are available regardless of what functionality you need for your website. One of the main advantages of using plugins for your website is the ease of improving the functionality in your website itself.

Below we have listed some of the most important plugins available for your website:

  1. Yoast SEO

Whether you want to improve the search engine optimization of your website or the readability, Yoast SEO is the best option in plugins.

Yoast SEO is a free plugin that can be easily downloaded to your WordPress site. It is very easy to integrate into your site and once it is installed, it gives you suggestions to improve your SEO. Some of the suggestions on offer are listed below:

  • It helps to set the primary keyword for your post or page, which would be the best keyword to target for more traffic.
  • It helps to add a meta title to your website or post.
  • It shows the placement of the keyword and its density
  • It counts and alerts you about the number of words
  • It checks your content and says whether sentences are written longer or mostly in a passive voice
  • It checks your images and helps to optimise them. It also displays the image ALT text.
  • It checks your title and other tags that are mandatory for your SEO and readability.

Yoast SEO displays a color under which it gives your SEO a score. Red means bad SEO, while a green score means your SEO is good.

Yoast SEO also offers a premium plugin to its users, which includes more features such as adding more keywords.

Yoast SEO
  1. WP-Optimize

As we have already discussed, the optimization of your WordPress site is very important, because the speed of your website depends on its optimization.

If your site is not optimized, then it won’t load fast and fewer people would return to your site. Remember, the people who come to your website and have a poor experience won’t be visiting again.

Your WP optimization can be integrated with your website along with your database. It cleans the unimportant elements on your site such as spam comments, useless photos etc. Not only that, but this plugin also helps to minimize various elements that increase the loading speed of your website. It can help you, for example, to minimize the CSS files, JavaScript, and other similar elements.

Just one click can clean the cache of your whole website which will affect the speed of the website positively.

WP Optimize
  1. Prepostseo

Turning to content, the content you publish should also be effective for your business website. There are several other factors besides SEO for your content. Just as your content should have the right word count, it should be unique, and so on.

However, there is a plugin for your website that can help you check your content.

Prepostseo is a WordPress plugin that scans your content and checks its quality. Here are some of the additional benefits of installing it:

  • It verifies the originality of the content by its plagiarism checker
  • It checks all errors, including grammatical and spelling errors
  • It counts the words and indicates whether it is enough or not
  • It checks and configures the heading of the content
  • It scans links in your content and checks the status of the link including do-follow and no-follow
  • It also scans for broken links in your content
  • It calculates the keyword density to avoid keyword stuffing

In the latest version of this plugin, Prepostseo has launched the article Rewriter for their users which might help to create better copy for your writing.

The plugin is completely free to use, while it offers all the features you need in their free version.

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker
  1. Woocommerce

If your business is about B2B or B2C, then you have a good chance to create and sell your products online through your website.

WooCommerce is the easiest way to make an online shop, as you only need to install and configure it for your customers.

WooCommerce automatically creates your store after you enter the settings. You need to configure some of the important information such as the region in which you sell, the currency in which you sell, PayPal or other banking integration, and much more.

WooCommerce includes some more features according to your niche and methodology, but you must purchase a membership.

WooCommerce can also be installed on your previously developed website while the basic version of this plugin is completely free to use.

  1. Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap is one of the best plugins available for creating a sitemap of your site for the search engines. Once you install this plugin, it will automatically generate a sitemap for the search engine crawlers, especially Google’s, allowing them to easily index your site.

This plugin works on an automated process, while it can be used to create a sitemap for various websites and posts. It can also be used to create an XML sitemap of custom URLs.

Google XML Sitemap

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