New Functionality in AWeber App

AWeber Updates

I’ve been an AWeber customer for some time now. If you’re not familiar with AWeber it’s an email marketing platform which has stood the test of time in marketplace. It was one of the first services I signed up for when I started this site in 2002.

The AWeber App has now been updated so you can check stats on your follow up series (autoresponders) as well as your broadcasts and subscriber engagement. You just tap the “Follow Ups” icon and check open rates on each follow up email.

Why would you want to do that? You can get insight into things like the timing and sequence of your messages and if they are working for your business. Are you sending messages too frequently or not enough? Which emails have content your customers want? The app will tell you.

Why Use Follow Up Emails?

Follow up emails allow you to schedule emails ahead of time to keep your subscribers informed and engaged. This is a great time saver and stops you from having to send the same information to new subscribers over and over.

Email marketing is an essential component of any effective online marketing strategy so choosing a platform that allows you to get the most out of your campaigns is essential.