AWeber Feature Update

AWeber Feature Update

New Features for AWeber Email Marketing

I’ve been an AWeber user for many years now and always considered them to be market leaders in the email marketing space. Several new competitors have come along in that time while AWeber haven’t really changed their product a whole lot. However they have just announced some new features which I think will move them ahead of the pack. Essentially it’s all about tagging and subscriber segmentation. These features will allow you to…

  • Bulk apply tags to better organize your list (tags can be added, edited or deleted in bulk or on a per-subscriber basis)
  • Easily search for subscribers using tags
  • Create smarter segments using “and/or” filters

With these new features you’ll be able to search for subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked a link in an email in a certain amount of time, apply a tag and send a targeted broadcast or trigger a campaign.

By using advanced subscriber segments you can create a super-targeted group of subscribers for better engagement and results. It will allow you to get your message to more of the right people at the right time.

Other changes include the ability to add Gravatars to your subscribers, an activity feed which details what your subscribers have been up to and a Stats Mobile App. The new subscriber management comes with a whole new look, which from the preview I saw looks great.

This feature update is due to launch in the next few weeks. As soon as I’ve had a chance to try it out I’ll post a full AWeber review. If you’d like to try AWeber there is a free demo available.

New Features for AWeber Email Marketing
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New Features for AWeber Email Marketing
AWeber is my email marketing platform of choice. These updates keep it ahead of the pack.
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