How to Create a Landing Page with Leadpages

How to Create a Landing Page

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Landing Page

Leadpages is special software designed to make the process of building a landing page (also known as a squeeze page) easy and effective. Once you have created your page you can publish it to your WordPress site or use various other publishing options. You can also integrate it with your email marketing service. In this training I’ll show you just how easy it is to build your first landing page.

Need help with Leadpages? Get started with this tutorial…

Step 1 – Sign Up for Your Account

You will of course need a Leadpages account. The good news is there is a free trial available so you can run through this tutorial and test the software at no cost if you don’t already have an account. Get started with a free trial here.

Step 2 – Select a Template

I recommend you use a “Drag & Drop” template. These can easily be modified to suit your needs. Let’s assume you want to build a landing page where you offer a free guide/book or other giveaway in exchange for your visitor’s contact details. For example…I created this page where I give away my free ebook “How to Make Super Affiliate Commissions“.

Use the drop-down to filter the list by “Lead capture” and “highest converting”. Once selected you can preview your page and then start building.

How to Create a Landing Page

Step 3 – Customize Your Template

Edit the text simply by selecting and typing directly. Add links by selecting text and right-clicking. In the menu to the left you will see sections for…

  • Widgets – add new widgets such as headlines, buttons, images etc
  • Layout – change, delete or duplicate layout sections such as headers and footers
  • Styles – edit styling elements such as background image, fonts, colors, favicon etc.
  • Tracking – edit tracking elements such as SEO, Facebook and analytics.


It’s easy to overlook that last section called “Tracking” (possibly could be better named) but the SEO and Facebook tabs in particular are well worth taking the time to complete. The Facebook tab allows you to add special code (known as Open Graph) which controls how your page is displayed when someone likes or shares it on Facebook. You can also upload an image which Facebook will use as a thumbnail. If you don’t do this before Facebook crawls your page it can be difficult to get them to re-crawl the page and show the new data…from my experience anyway.

Add Facebook data to a LeadPage

Step 4 – Set Up Your Forms and Integrations

Click on an existing form field or add a new one from the Widgets menu to bring up the “Edit Your Form” menu. The “Integrations” tab is where your can link your form to your email list. In my case I linked the form to a follow-up series of emails (also known as an autoresponder) I created in AWeber. This means when a subscriber is added to the list a series of emails will be sent at predetermined intervals.

Leadpages integrations

The “Fields” tab is where you add, delete or change the order of your fields…

LeadPages form fields

The “Follow-Up” tab is where you specify the actions to occur after the form is submitted. In my case the visitor is sent to a “Thank You” page where they can download the book. There are special templates in Leadpages you can use to create your Thank You page. You can also upload a file which is then emailed on completion.

LeadPages follow up

Step 5 – Publish

Once you’re happy with your page click Update to save all changes and your are ready to publish. If you use WordPress to publish your pages make sure you have installed the Leadpages plugin. Then simply go to the LeadPages tab on your WordPress admin, find your page and publish. Various other publishing options are available including publishing to a Facebook tab, the Leadpages server or downloading the HTML for publishing to another server.

Publish LeadPage to WordPress

Note: this may look different on your WordPress admin depending on the version of the plugin your are using.

That’s It – You’re Done!

Here is another example of a landing page I built with Leadpages. This page was created in well under an hour and also integrates with my AWeber account.

I also use Leadpages to create “LeadBoxes”. See my full review for more info.

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Landing Page
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A Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Landing Page
A quick and easy, step by step tutorial on building a landing page with Leadpages.
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