Leadpages Updates

Leadpages updates

Leadpages Adds New Features

Leadpages has added some useful new features to its landing page software including updates to the builder, new integrations and undo/redo capabilities. If you don’t know exactly what Leadpages is and how I use it to generate leads you can read my full review here.

In a nutshell, the updates include…

User-Specific Evergreen Countdown Timers

Countdown timers are simple and powerful conversion-rate boosters. With this update you can now set a deadline to act for each individual prospect who finds your page…no matter when that person lands on the page.


This is a simple but much-needed update. It was a bit surprising that this feature wasn’t available from the start but thankfully has now been added. You can now undo and redo actions such as adding, moving and deleting widgets, changing layouts and styles etc.

Global Font Settings/New Font Families

There are new global font settings which let you choose a default headline font, text-widget font and countdown timer font. Also, a selection of new fonts have been added.

“Unboxed” Leadboxes

This feature allows you to embed your opt-in form in an overlay so that it stretches across the entire screen or you can make your background translucent.

Pass Query Parameters to Your Leadbox and Thank You Page

This feature is a bit technical and may not be used by the average user. The drag-and-drop builder can now pass any query string parameters such as session IDs, transaction details etc. on your Leadpage URL to your thank-you page. If you’re using a third party service such as AWeber or a shopping cart platform to serve your thank-you page, you may also be able to use these parameters.

Custom Favicons

A favicon is the little icon which appears at the top of your browser tab. You can now enhance your branding across your landing pages by uploading your own favicon.

Export Leads to CSV

As well as exporting your leads to a third party service such as AWeber or having them sent directly to your inbox, you can now export your leads to a CSV file.

Revert to Last Published Version

This update makes it easier for you to try a different look or change the content of your page without worrying about messing up what’s already working.

All up these changes improve functionality and usability. Leadpages remains my landing page builder of choice.

Leadpages Updates
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Leadpages Updates
Leadpages has added new features to its landing page builder and lead generation software. Read my review.
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